About Sharon & Dot Trucking, inc

Providing a diversified portfolio of  businesses



Land Clearing

Pasture Mowing Large Acreage

Pond Construction

Pond Dam Repair

Freight Transportation

InLand Shrimp

​Farm Fresh Chickens

We invite you to come grow with us.  

Call Barry Bryant 334-419-0685

Sharon and Dot Trucking, Inc. operates and is preparing to operate in a diversified compliment of businesses.  

Sharon & Dot Trucking has it's own Authority and operates independent of any Transport Company transporting Refrigerated Freight in an 800 mile radius of Alabama.

Dot Farms operates a farming business conscentrating on planting, harvesting, and taking products to market.

Alabama land clearing specializes in excavations. Clearing large acres, Pasture mowing and building ponds professionally is our mission.

Out of Dot Farms we will offer chicken, shrimp grown in house.