Why do Blacks Distrust?


So, you distrust me!   Is it because I’m Black?  You trust the government, the banks, police, and even Churches.

Let me tell you what harm people you trust have done to you.

Let’s travel back to the time of Jesus.  Then, the Crucifixion.  The Romans! The first written scriptures, their descriptions and pictures.  Ok, Let’s stop there!  The descriptions and the pictures doesn't match. 

The Europeans making Jesus look like them is no accident.  I am Black.  I have a tropical heritage.  My features and color is passed down through my genealogy.  Jesus descended from  Abraham, a tropical person. He was Black and his wife was light skinned.  "And it came to pass, when he was come near to enter into Egypt, that he said unto Sarai his wife , Behold now, I know that thou art a fair woman to look upon. Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they shall say, This is his wife: and they will kill me..." Genesis 12:11-12 His color and features followed. 

With this altered image, the Europeans used the Bible as their reference.  “The Bible says worship me,” they said, “obey your master,” “Bow down to the Pope.”  “Trust him and all that represents him,” “tell him your secrets”

Let's Fast forward generations and the same control continues.  They passed down from father to son their trickery.  Even with, mostly criminals, migrating to American , the practices continued.  The desendents of these Europeans continued to pass on their deeply held beliefs:  That they were better than everybody else.  So, we have the Klu Kluk Klan, Ariean Brotherhood, and the Skin heads being the most vocal. They taught the slaves they were animals.  Then, they brainwashed the women to believe they should snitch on their men if he tell them in confidence that he was going to run.  “Turn him in,” they said, “It’s better having him whipped than dead.”

You can trust this!!!

The Reverent Doctor Martin Luther King Junior looked more like Jesus than the pictures you are brainwashed to believe.  I, Barry Bryant, touched MLK Jr. And, he touched me.  He put his hands on my shoulder.  I was in the basement of the Church which was later bombed.  I was one of the children that left school to demonstrate against injustice for you.  I suffered for you and I didn’t even know you.

Reverent King said, “We need you to walk so others may fly.”  With tears in my eyes, I risked my life for you.  And, you can’t see how I care about you.

They told us what to expect from the firemen and police with billy clubs and dogs named you know what.  So, we willingly went, with God’s Grace, into harms way for injustices.  Injustices like standing on a crowded bus, while ten seats were empty. (There were wooden signs that has “whites only” written on the front and “colored” written on the back.  The sign had two medal rods which could be placed into two holes on the back of each seat.  Whites could move the sign but the colored couldn’t).

After being grabbed by a police officer, with his baton drawn, he held me in the chest and drew back to strike me.  Someone distracted him and he threw me into the patty wagon. 

I was processed and thrown in the Birmingham Jail.  Along with adults, the population was doubled the capacity.   There I was.  With no bed, I could only sit on the cement floor and lean against the wall.  After we were processed, in a couple of days, we were placed in huge dormitory style cells.  We were offered corn bread and something floating in liquids.  We were given coffee to drink with a spoonful of apple or grape jelly for sugar.  I gave away many meals before I was hungry enough to eat. 

We were assigned work details.  And, since we were so overcrowded the work assignment were ridiculous:  Ten inmates to wash a car.  A Guard observing pondered and said,  I don’t know what you folks want. "You can have it as long as you leave my wife, children and job alone.”  I said, (with my big mouth) “that’s what we want;  Your wife, children, and job.”  Or, at least the right.  Boy, did I tick him off.  He took me somewhere and doubled my sentence.  I was the last child to get out of the Birmingham Jail.  That’s a documented fact.  My mother came to pick me up. My father had left a shotgun in the backseat without her knowledge.  God protected her from a crisis.

Black suppression seems to be a lifestyle.  Every opportunity that arose, the Black got the short end of the stick.  Crime is not excusable, but laws were written to discriminate.  A Black would receive 7 years for an ounce of cocaine in cooked form while a White would receive 7 years for a boat load of powered cocaine.  Recently, a report that milk from cows raised near nuclear reactors was shipped to highly consecrated populations of Black communities.  There was a high incidence of diabetes where nearly none existed for African countries.  For a great Diabetes treatment Click Here

Why do Blacks Distrust?  Simple:  We have been though generations of persecution.  Years of deception have followed.  Trickery, games, injustices followed.  In each case God has put light where there was no light.  The truth will always come to light.

I remember an old episode from Startrek.  Two inhabitants from another planet were constantly fighting.  Their bodies were half white and black.  Straight down the middle. Captain Kirk asked why they were fighting.  One replied that the other was different. Captain Kirk said, but you’re both Black on one side and white on the other.  The alien said, “Don’t you see, he’s White on the right side while I’m White on the left side. We all have been deceived Black and White alike.

Are you going to be hanging off of a cliff and refuse my help because you don't trust me? Then, the programming continues.

The Golden Rule is simple:  He who have the Gold makes the Rule.  We need some Gold.  Come join my Group of investors.  You'll begin to Rise Up.  Stop trusting the Banks, that get rich and pay you nothing.  Even with an early withdrawal penalty, you'll still make more money with us.