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Whole Chicken   (Avg 3.5)     ( Pictured at top of page)                            17.50

Boneless Breast (2 in package) Avg 1 - 2 lbs                                         11.99/lb

​Chicken Feet (10-12 per package = 1.5 lbs)                                               7.99/lb

​Leg Quarters (3 per package) 1.5 - 2 lbs                                                    5.99/lb

Livers and Hearts (2 lb package)                                                                4.99/lb

Wings (11 per package:  2.5 lbs)                                                                 4.99/lb

Chicken Frames (Neck, back, frame) 2 - 2.5 lbs                                        4.59/lb

5 dozen eggs                                                                                                 19.50

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We have been approved for a brand new Merchant Account.  We are accepting payments. . Our flock is ready.  Place your order.  I'm only  going to butcher five hundred Chicken in this flock.  When we're out, you'll have to reserve an order in the next flock.


$18  for orders $0 - 99

Free for orders over $100

P.S.  If you live in driving distance of the Burkville, , Alabama farm, you can pickup live chickens for $20.00 each.  Some of our customers say they have an old time feeling butchering their own fresh backyard chicken.  Call for an appointment.

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Call Barry to discuss your needs 334-419-0685


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Above is the Basic Tractor.  Just in case you want to know 'What's a Tractor':  It's a mobile unit so predators can't get to the chickens.  Modifications will include wheels, strong cattle wire around the sides and back, a folding side for ventilation, among other predator preventions.  The chicks will roam free inside of multiple tractors after they grow their feathers.   What do you think about a Fast Food 'healthy chicken?'

​If you eat healthy and exercise you Will live longer!!!!

I am the CEO and the 1000 baby chicks above are my employees on our Ranch at 440 Clara Gardner Road, Burkville, Alabama 36752.  They will grow into the big Rhode Island Red Chicken above.  They're my soldiers.  Some will make the ultimate sacrifice at 12 weeks. That's twice as long as the commercial cycle. They will live their lives without steroids and enjoy a healthy diet of bugs, corn and, grains. They will be smaller and cost more.  So, if you think Bigger is better...Then Buy a big shovel to dig your grave faster.  One lady said, "After tasting these 'All Natural Chicken,' I never want to buy store bought chickens again."

Below is a Mobile Tractor (12'x32') that will protect them from predators.  Others will go on to works five years or more laying eggs.  Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs.  Why?  I thought you'll never ask.  Every time man commercialize the raising of food stuff, he realizes that their feed is a MAJOR COST.  The result has always been to find a way to make his product cheaper.  Let's feed the cows cow parts.  = Mad Cow disease.  Let's put manure on our crops.  = contamination.  Let's feed Chicken parts to our chickens.  =  Diseases.  Our chickens are gourmet and cost more because it's expensive to raise Vegetarian chickens.  If you want a chicken leg to look like a turkey leg - why not buy a turkey leg instead.  

        Barry's Healthy Backyard Chicks

​                  The next Big Thing

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide healthy Range grown chickens.  The Rhode Island red chicken is American's choice.  The brown eggs she lays are second to none.  Brown eggs are finger licking good, fried or scrambled, in cakes and pies.  The brown eggs are lower in cholesterol, vitamin rich and, higher in omega 3.  A "Range" chicken is raised outside.  The chicken doesn't live it's entire life, standing on it's poop and urine in a chicken house.  Once our chickens reach 2 weeks old they are raised outside on grass and eating naturally.

The white Cornish Cross is our meat chicken.  It America's choice.  The commercial growth cycle is six weeks.  Our is 8 weeks.  Try our delicious Cornish Cross and you'll never go back!!

We are 100 percent dedicated to rapidly increase our flock ten miles west of Montgomery, Alabama to provide;

Fresh rich eggs for cakes and pies

Fertile eggs for hatching

Baby bitties for sale

Pullets for sale

Grown egg layers for sale

Young fresh chickens for consumption

Hens for consumption

MY Dream:  Too open chicken shacks and use MY organic chickens.  It will be a First!

What the Big Poultry producers do to raise millions of chickens is necessary. Not healthy. But, necessary, In order to butcher millions per day a chicken have to be raised in a certain way. What goes into your chicken is what's called GMO. Short for discarded animal parts. What comes out YOU eat. We have 10 and 11 year olds with early cycles, morbidly obeste, and looking like adults. Obesity is over 35% in most States. Giving a chicken growth hormones is like feeding it directly to your children. Adults are bombarded with High Blood Pressure, Clogged arteries, and many other conditions leading back to unhealthy foods.
Is there a reason they do this? Yes! They have too. Baby chicks arrive at grow out houses and spend their whole lives on the chicks before them poop and urine living with 12,000 neighbors. I don't mine going to a football game. But, I don't want to live with the germs and diseases these people carry. The chicks live six weeks on top of 2 to 18" of it. The Dust from this poop is called 'Fecal Dust.' Fecal dust can't be avoided and it makes the chicks sick. Most of them will die if they were not treated with regular antibiotics. The problem this creates is the bird is smaller. And, must be given growth hormones to make them gain weight.
In six weeks, they are hurdled off to the butcher and electrocuted. That's right! Electrocuted. They won't remain still so they have too. Then they are dumped into huge tanks, where a half million is dumped before them. The tanks is full of feces and urine. And, then off to your grocers to be packaged real pretty.


I'm glad you asked. At Klukkers (Our registered name) Our chicks arrive to a clean shelter. They are raised 10 to 14 days until their feathers grow out. Then, they are moved, in small groups of 250, to the pasture. They will eat off the land. Bugs, worms, and grass makes a great salad. The chicks will be offered a Non-GMO feed to qualify as organic We are listed with www.eatwild.com, and adhere to their rules. They are not given antibotics or growth hormones.

You can place your order (1, 5, 10 or what ever) to join our first flock of the year. Orders must be placed before March 15, 2019. Order early and receive a one time BONUS!
(Pay for a 3 and 1/2 pound chicken at $5 per pound ) and you will receive - This One Time Offer-
....every pound over FREE. That's right. We guarantee and you pay for a 3 1/2 lb chicken. But if the chicken is 6 pounds..The extra weight is FREE. We have a maximum capacity to order from the Hatchery so we must confine your orders to a First Come First Served. www.klukkers.com

USDA     Mortgaged

Okay! Okay! We're just learning.  But, you must admit, we cleaned                              these two real good.  8/19/2018

Above are several views of a Tractor My Son, Lincoln Bryant built.  It shows the roll up sides and back for ventilation.           P.S.  He said, he'll be happy to come and build you a green house (12'x32') or tractor beginning at $3,000.  If you don't think that's cheap...go price one.

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